We delivered 35 dog beds to the SPCA!

There are a lot of happy puppies out there because of YOU GUYS!!!

One of our latest deals has been one selling super comfy memory foam dog beds which have been a major hit with all of our pooch loving Container Door friends.

Part of the deal was that for every 10 beds sold we would donate 1 to the SPCA in Auckland!

Container Door SPCA

Last week, as you can see in the video below, we were pumped to be able to deliver our first batch of 35 beds to some very deserving dogs and cats. The team out at the Auckland SPCA were absolutely awesome and so grateful for the beautiful beds.

This delivery was only made possible because of those of you who purchased a dog bed - thank you so much!

This will continue as an ongoing relationship and arrangement with the SPCA and their animals so let's keep these beds rolling in!